James Salas, Broker E Realty International Key Biscayne, FL

E Realty International

Text by: Jorge Arauz
Photo by: Antonio Eli
Key Biscayne Magazine Featured article January 2009

The starting point
     James Salas started his real estate career in 1989 out of a love for the tremendous action that's required to succeed in the field. " I've had the good fortune of learning from the best and as results sold hundreds of Key Biscayne homes and condos to individuals and families which today I count among my good friends," he says. " I still believe owning real estate is the ultimate American dream".

Innovate ,innovate, innovate 
     Always want to be innovative, Salas realized the Internet's dominant effect on the real estate industry before few so the Web as a business tool. This has enabled him to stand out among a sea of competitors who may not have had his foresight so many years ago.

The power of the Web
     I started my company at the right time and today I enjoy more web traffic then I could have ever dreamed of, " he says. "Now I am working on taking it to the next level so consumers can determine their own level of involvement with an even more intuitive user experience."

Build a showroom    
    What's more, his real estate showroom at The Square Shopping Center is regarded as one of the best real estate offices In the country, not just for its appealing design and architecture but for the overall vibe found within its walls. "Everyone that comes in falls in love with our space," he says. " Lots of people stop by daily to look at properties on our plasma screens and pick up a copy of our monthly real estate newsletter and our monthly "Top 10" list which are comprised of the current listings I feel provide the best value on Key Biscayne. My main goal is to always try to make purchasing or selling a home easier, effortless and a lot more enjoyable."

Key Biscayne Magazine      January 2009